Welcome to the 41st Rally of the Principality of Asturias - City of Oviedo
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12-9-2004: 17:30 Final Official Classification
Click here to download the final classification of the rally in a ready to print pdf format (968kb)
Clasificaciones finales en ficheros independientes
Final Stage Times
Intermediate Stage Times
12-9-2004: 15:00 Prize Giving
The 41st running of the Rallye Príncipe de Asturias "Ciudad de Oviedo"" had its climax with the prize giving ceremony for the winners at the finishing podium, located in the Paseo del Bombé de Oviedo. ::See the pictures
12-9-2004: Images from Day 2
11-9-2004: Images from Day 1
11-9-2004 / 24:00 Official Classification Day 1
11-9-2004: 10:00: Start
At 10:00 the first of the competitors, the Citreon C2 of the current Spanish Champion, Miguel Fuster, departed from the Paseo del Bombé de Oviedo. Following on, minute by minute, the other participants left from the starting podium on their way to the Pola de Siero service park prior to the beginning of the first stage which is due to start at 11:10. ::See the pictures
10-9-2004: Official list of those taking the start: HTML format
10-09-2004: 17:30 Shakedown
From 2PM to 6PM the shakedown, with 37 entries, has taken place on the Munco Hilllcimb road near Pola de Siero. ::See the pictures
10-09-2004: 13:30 Technical and Administrative Scrutineering
From 11:00 the first teams took part in the compulsory administrative and technichal scrutineering at the Sports Palace of Oviedo, following this the teams have a chance to make their first contact with the roads in the shakedown that will start at 14:00. ::See the pictures
03-09-2004: Official Rally Presentation
The 41st Rally Principe de Asturias "City of Oviedo" was officially presented at the Club Prensa Asturiana of La Nueva España (Oviedo) in an programme that started at 13:00 and was viewed by an important number of both spectators and media. More
03-09-2004 Entry list published in: HTML format - PDF format
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