The backing, from the start of the Association of Commerce and Services of Infiesto (ACOSERVI) has allowed Infiesto to hold two remote refuellings and a regrouping which have been added with the collaboration of Piloña's council after this morning’s meeting between Iván Allende, Major of Piloña, Miguel Diego, from ACOSERVI, and Julián Moreno, President of the Automóvil Club Principado de Asturias.

Infiesto, through ACOSERVI, was the starting point for the collaboration between the organisers of the Rally Princesa de Asturias Ciudad de Oviedo and the local associations that, in a parallel fashion to the rally are organising parking, service and recreation areas especially for the enjoyment of the fans attending the special stages.

With the addition of the Piloña council this collaboration with the Rally Princesa de Asturias Ciudad de Oviedo will spread to other locations of the Piloña municipality.

The Rally Princesa de Asturias Ciudad de Oviedo will be held on the 10th, 11th and 12th of September over the roads of Asturias and will have the most important and largest entry list of all the Spanish Rally championships events, being valid for the FIA European Rally Trophy (FIA-ERT) with the maximum coefficient, as well as for the Spanish and Asturian Championships and several single make cups such as the Renault Clio R3T European Trophy, the Suzuki Cup. This news that means the Group A Legend Rally, which attracts a lot of fans, will allow to them to see the cream of motorsport at speed on the Asturian roads. All the information of the rally is available at its official website

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