The participating drivers in the 52nd running of the Rally Princesa de Asturias – the first after the change of name from the Principe de Asturias - have already taken the start from La Losa in Oviedo.


Once the scrutineering and reconnaissance had been completed the official opening ceremony took place which saw a large attendance from members of the public together with the participation of the town councillor of he Sporting Council of Oviedo, Mercedes González; the general director of Sports in the Principality, Jose Ramon Tuero; the president of the Federation of Motoring for the Principality of Asturias, Aladino Martinez; and the president of the  Real Federación Española de Automovilismo, Carlos Grace.


Sadness at the Rally of A Corunna


During the ceremony, Jonathan Perez read a statement in the name of the drivers and of the organisers on the accident that happened in the last Rally of A Corunna. Besides showing their dismay at the tragedy and sending their support to the families of the deceased and the injured, Perez assured that the drivers know that motorsport is a dangerous sport, and it is a risk they accept when taking out their licenses, but that “it never should be for the spectators and officials”. For that reason, he considers that everybody must “act with the maximum safety in mind to ensure this celebration is a safe spectacle, for it is necessary to follow the safety rules that the organisers require”. Also in this Rally Princesa de Asturias “will see each spectator become a commissioner”.


The competition


Friday, at nine in the morning the Shakedown or stage test with a distance of 3.3 kilometers gets underway, which allows for the running of the vehicles. The competition proper will not start  until the evening. The participants will leave the attendance park at Manjoya and head to the first of the stages, Llanera 1, anticipated to start at 15:43.


That first day, Friday, comprises of three timed sections (llanera, Oviedo and Riosa). The teams competing in the European and National events will have two runs on each, resulting in six special stages, with an intermediate regrouping in Riosa. The independent teams’ one will only have one run, so just competing over three special stages.


The calendar for Saturday sees all the participants – not only the European and National competitors but also the independent ones-- having two runs over the three stages, those of Siero, Villaviciosa and Colunga-Piloña, and so will total six special stages. Also included this year will be the Legend competitors, who will participate in the same program exactly.


One of the incentives for this event is the prize that will be given by the former driver Luis Climent. The jury will decide on the three teams that technically takes the corner at Fresneu on section 8 Villaviciosa 1/Viajes El Corte Inglés, located at the 8.57 kilometre mark, the best. Altogether, 1,500 Euros will be distributed and the section will run on Saturday, at 10:35 am. The prize giving ceremony will be held in Oviedo at the Sala de Cámara del Auditorio.


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