The first day of the Rally Princesa de Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo has finished, after completing five of the six sections expected after the cancellation of the night stage, Riosa 2. On its return to the centre of the region, the Rally is offering a spectacular duel between Miguel Fuster and Iván Ares in the National class and additionally is showing the dominance of the Asturian Jonathan Perez in the European section. At the head of the Regional class, whose drivers have only had to complete the first three sections, is Jonathan Alvarez. The Legend, another one of the new features of the 52nd edition, will enter the competition tomorrow.

The superiority of Jonathan Pérez has been absolute on this first day. He has taken the best time of the European runners in all the sections that have been held and his lead in the General Classification is already considerable. The Asturian driver has a total time of 45:26:60. Fran Cima, second, is more than a minute in arrears and Victor Senra, in third, is over two minutes behind. Pérez goes to sleep tonight as the unquestioned leader. One of the main news of the day has been the retirement, following an off-road incident, of driver Rashid Al Ketbi.

The situation in the National class is the exact opposite. Miguel Fuster and Iván Ares are carrying out a duel that has excited the fans, alternating fastest times and second positions in the classification. Fuster takes a slight advantage, as slight as the 13.80 seconds by which he leads Iván Ares. The third place is still open, although currently ahead is Sergio Vallejo, 1:18:40 behind the leader.

After running the special stages of Llanera, Oviedo and Riosa once, the classification of the Regional group is headed by Jonathan Alvarez and Juan Manuel Bravo, with a BMW m3 E30. Following them, ten seconds behind, are Roberto Ferrero and Faustino Fernandez, in a BMW 325i. Currently classified in third place, are Iván Alvarez and Víctor Valdés, with their Ibiza Cupra, at 26:20 seconds in arrears of the leading team. Jose Maria Castro, who prevailed in two of the three special stages, remained outside in the last one.

In the “Cups”, the classifications have also undergone some changes throughout the competition. Cesar Palacio leads the Suzuki Swift; Cristian Garcia heads Mitsubishi Evo Cup; in the Dacia Sandero it is Pelayo Fernandez at the front; and Fran Cima also heads the best time of the Clios.

Saturday the Rally Princesa de Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo will have two new features. First, the entrance in competition of the Legend. Second, the prize that the jury, presided over by former driver Luis Climent will be awarded to the three teams that technically takes the curve from Fresneu, of stage 8 Villaviciosa 1/Viajes El Corte Inglés the best. It is located at the 8.57 kilometre mark and this section will be run tomorrow, Saturday, at 10:35 in the morning.

The Safety Caravan for the 52nd running of the Rally Princesa de Asturias has commented on the large number of spectators on the three special stages run so far and has confirmed their behaviour as exemplary. The organisers wants to thank all of the fans for their collaboration today.

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