The 52nd running of the Rally Princesa de Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo has achieved its aim, with a record number of participants and devoted fans following the race. The Asturian Jonathan Pérez dominated the FIA European Trophy from start to finish. Miguel Fuster, on the other hand, carried out a bitter battle with Iván Ares all day Friday and in the first special stages of Saturday but, finally, he has prevailed in the Campeonato de España de Rally de Asfalto. The rain, anticipated for today, only fell during the final loop, adding drama to the final stages of the rally. An extra incentive, as much for the drivers as for the fans, was the prize that the jury, presided over by Luis Climent, gave to the three teams that technically took the curve at Fresnéu on SS8, Villaviciosa 1 the best.

FIA European Trophy and the Spanish Championship

In the European section, the team formed by Jonathan Pérez and René Rúa, at the wheel of a Ford R5 Fiesta, have taken the best time on 2:08:21 hours. 4:10:20 minutes behind was Fran Cima and his co-driver Alexander Lopez in a Clio R.S. R3T who, for the whole rally, have lain second in the overall classification. There were more changes for third position, finally, it went to Esteban Vallín and Borja Odriozola in an Opel Adam R2, on 2:12:42:500 hours. Meanwhile Victor Senra and David Vázquez, with a Peugeot 208, have been relegated to fourth position. There have been three Asturian drivers at the controls of the winning cars.

Although Jonathan Pérez has prevailed comfortably in the European section, the first three classified in the National group have all claimed fastest stage times, with all three driving the Porsche GT3. The team formed by Miguel Fuster and Ignacio Aviñó has been fastest on this rally, with a total time of 2:05:24:30 hours which has allowed them to win the General Classification of the Campeonato de España de Rally de Asfalto. Second was Sergio Vallejo and Diego Vallejo, who fought until the end to be 1:03:500 minutes behind. Iván Ares and Alvaro Bañobre who, for more than half of the rally had an enthralling battle with Fuster and Aviñó, had to be satisfied with a time of 2:06:500 hours and third position in the category.

Cups and groups

In the competitors for the Cups and groups, Fran Cima has dominated to win the Iberian Clio Trophy. Also dominating amongst the participants for the European Renault Cup has been the winner Alberto Monárriz. In the Mitsubishi Evo Cup there has also been a clear winner in Cristian Garcia, virtual champion of the contest. The 2 wheel-drive category and the R2 Group has had the same winner, the young Asturian driver Manuel Mora, who additionally secured a magnificent sixth position in the Spanish Championship with his Peugeot 208. There was also an Asturian victory in the Junior Trophy with Angel Paniceres driving an Opel Adam, and in the Suzuki Cup the winner has been Cesar Palacio. The Dacia Sandero Cup has gone away to the East in the hands of Rubén Gomez and the Ladies Trophy to the Basque Country with Ángela Vilariño.

Regional and the Championship of Asturias

The Regional Rally – the competitors completed a loop on the first day and another on the second-- with Jonathan Alvarez and Juan Manuel Bravo winning in a BMW m3 E30 with a time of 2:01:27:800 hours with the team easily dominating this category. There were more changes in the rest of the podium places. Finally, second went to Ignacio Braña, in a Citroën Sax VTS cop-driven by Ana Isabel Menéndez on 2:01:56:20. Next was Sergio Alonso and Borja Teja, in a Peugeot GTi, on 2:01:58:500.

In the classification for the Asturian Championship, in which is included all the Asturian drivers and teams in the different categories of the Rally Princesa de Asturias, the winners have been Jonathan Perez and René Rúa, with their Porsche GT3. They are followed José Manuel Mora and Roberto Arias with a time of 1:55:37:300 in a Peugeot 208 followed by Esteban Vallín and Borja Odriozola, in an Opel Adam R2.

The new addition this year, which was met with great expectation, has been the inclusion of the Group A Legend Rally. In this test, that completed runs on three sections on Saturday, the victory has gone to Aldo de Alberto and Úsula Rhodes, with a Seat Cordoba WRC setting a time of 1:27:18:00 hours. Second in the classification has been the team of Victor Magariños and Juan Carlos Asorey, on board a BMW m3 E30 at 52:40 second in arrears. The podium was completed by Francisco Roig and Sergio Salom, with another BMW m3 E30, 3:37:100 minutes behind the winners.

Luis Climent prize

The winners of the Luis Climent prize, part of the 52nd running of the Rally Príncipe de Asturias-Ciudad de Oviedo have been announced. The jury presided over by the former driver has chosen  the three teams that, technically, made the best run on the curve of Fresneu on stage 8 Villaviciosa 1/Viajes El Corte Inglés, located at the 8.57 kilometer mark. The award, sponsored by Alastur and Sidrerías Marisquerías El Campanu, have allotted the 1,500 Euros award as follows:

· FIA-RFEDA: Rubén Gomez and Sergio Salom, in a Dacia Sandero N3. 500 Euros
· FAPA: Rubén Menéndez and Pablo Moteserín, with a Critröen Sax VTS. 500 Euros
· Legend: Aldo de Alberto and Úrsula Rhodes, with a Seat Cordoba WRC. 500 Euros

The distribution of these prizes will be celebrated during the awarding of trophies that will take place in the Plaza de Los Ferroviarios, at about 19:00 hours (estimated time), coinciding with the podium ceremony.

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